The Rise

Of Warranty Solutions                                                                                      (March 2008) F & I News Article

Established in 1999, Warranty Solutions has experienced impressive growth over the past decade. Company directors George Moller and Mark Williamson attribute this success to a number of factors: Cutting-edge products, unmatched customer service, and a work environment and business philosophy built on sound ethics and integrity. Committed to developing innovative and industry leading vehicle warranty and maintenance plan products, the Warranty Solutions products range is designed to provide optimum peace of mind to clients. It includes:

  • The Motor Guard range of vehicle warranty products for passenger and light Commercial Vehicles.
  • The Motor Guard range of maintenance plan products for passenger and light commercial vehicles.
  • Wear and Tear restriction waiver – failure as a result of wear and tear has traditionally been one of those ‘grey’ areas and a cause for concern in the industry. However, this option from Warranty Solutions’ gives clients the benefit of claims payments that are not restricted because of failure as a result of wear and tear.
  • Commercial Vehicle Warranty products – significant and continued growth in the commercial vehicle sector signaled a demand for warranty product geared towards meeting the specific needs of this market. This range is designed to meet the requirements of commercial drivers and operators.


Call answering times, holding times, turnaround times and claims completion times- these areas of the business are constantly being measured and monitored. In this way, Warranty Solutions can be confident that they are offering the very highest levels of customer service to selling dealers, repairing dealers, and policyholders, and that claims and query handling are processed at optimum speed and efficiency.

Proud providers of holistic solutions to its ‘multiple-level’ client base – the policy holder, and all parties within the distribution channel and beyond, including selling dealers as well as repairing dealers. Selling dealers not only benefit from  being able to offer leading-edge products to their valued client base, but also from Warranty Solution; Commitment to maximizing second gross income opportunities; ability to offer detailed training in products and procedures; Capacity to facilitate FAIS training if required; Ability to provide accurate and easy to understand statistical reports, as and when required, that provide valuable information regarding the portfolio of warranty and maintenance plan products sold by that particular dealer.

Almost ten years on, Warranty Solutions has significantly broadened and diversified its client base, with independent motor dealers, dealer group and vehicle manufacturers all benefiting from its range of vehicle warranty and maintenance plan products. For Moller and Williamson, a further indication of the company’s ‘coming of age’ is the fact that Auto and General Company Limited underwrites its product range. As administrator, Warranty Solutions has absolutely no ownership links with the underwriter, thus guaranteeing the security of dealer and policy holder – both of whom will receive the benefit of impartiality of an independent underwriter, who ultimately ensures that all liabilities are met. Another advantage of Warranty Solutions’ independent status is that it allows for quick decision-making and product development, giving the company a competitive edge and ultimately benefiting its clients. With 46 staff members and the support of over 600 loyal car dealerships, Warranty Solutions may not be the biggest in the business, but for both of its directors, the company is of optimal size, with a handpicked staff that represents the perfect blend of talent, youth and experience.

In these times, where customer service is something of a ‘buzz word’, many companies lay claim to offering supposedly superior levels of customer service. However, Warranty Solutions actually puts its money where its mouth is. While others may invest heavily in brand-building campaigns, Warranty Solutions prefers to turn its focus and finances to perfecting its impeccable customer service to the benefit of its business partners, and ultimately, the final consumer.

For Moller and Williamson, Warranty Solutions’ status and pedigree in the industry is attested to by the caliber of people it continues to attract from within the industry – top sale and marketing experts who choose to work for a company that enjoys preferred employer status in the industry. Not surprisingly, one of Warranty Solutions’ mottos is, “if you find a job you love – you will never have to work again.”  Ultimately, however, it is the voice of its valued client base that best proves Warranty Solutions’ status within the industry; the company’s holistic warranty and maintenance plan solutions, sound business ethics, integrity and impeccable customer service have received resounding approval. Why? Perhaps it’s time you put Warranty Solutions to the test.